What Herbal Tea is Good For Acid Reflux?

What Herbal Tea is Good For Acid Reflux?

Acid Reflux Disease, also known as GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), is one of the many conditions that rob joy from life by creating pain and discomfort in the stomach. GERD occurs when stomach acid leaks back up into the esophagus resulting in an intense burning sensation in both throat and chest regions. While medication may provide temporary relief from acid reflux symptoms, for more long-term solutions it may be wise to make lifestyle and dietary adjustments that help combat acid reflux such as cutting back citrus consumption as they may trigger episodes, drinking low acid beverages like watermelon juice or adding herbal tea that soothe digestive issues like heartburn.

Chamomile tea can be an effective natural solution to digestive distress. With anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that can aid in treating gas, nausea and abdominal cramping while its soothing effects promote restful sleep – as well as reduce stress which is one of the major contributors to GERD symptoms.

Slippery elm tea can also help soothe acid reflux symptoms by using its inner bark’s compound called mucilage to coat the lining of your gastrointestinal tract, providing protection from acid backflow and inflammation while helping alleviate stress and anxiety – two major triggers of GERD.

Ginger tea can help alleviate inflammation and relieve nausea, as well as decrease stomach acid production to avoid acid backflow into the esophagus. Another great herbal addition for acid reflux sufferers is fennel tea; this soothing beverage helps with excess gas caused by acid reflux as well as stimulating digestion so as to prevent backflow of acid into your esophagus in the first place.

Licorice tea is another herbal beverage that may help alleviate acid reflux symptoms, but it should be noted that licorice may contain glycyrrhizin which could increase blood pressure and cause side effects like drowsiness and other problems. Therefore, teas with deglycyrrhizin can help avoid potential negative impacts to your health; experiment with different kinds of tea to see which works best in alleviating heartburn; however it would still be wise to consult a healthcare provider if the issue continues.

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